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The Main Cause of Automobile Accident is Headlight Source
2019-10-28 17:12:13

According to the data report, 70% of automobile accidents happen at night, of which 50% are caused by headlight source, water in headlight, low beam fading, yellow shade, too low light source, not far high beam, etc. When using some cheap goods with low price, their life is often very short, the stabilizer, driver or bulb are easy to burn out, and the color temperature, brightness and focal length do not meet the professional requirements, which has a great impact on their own safety. At present, most middle and low-end models are equipped with halogen headlights, which are characterized by gentle color and low cost, but the brightness and lighting are far less than xenon headlights and LED headlights. Halogen lamp is made of tungsten wire with great power consumption, most of the energy is converted into heat energy, and the filament is easy to fuse in a long time at high temperature. Xenon headlights use ballast to raise the original vehicle voltage from 12V to 23000V and then activate the arc to light up. The brightness of the bulb is about 2-3 times that of halogen bulb. Because HID xenon has no filament, its life is about 5 times that of halogen bulb, and its energy consumption is only half of that of halogen bulb. After the LED single lens headlamp is powered on, the chip will directly light up, and the electric energy will be directly converted into the light energy through the LED chip, with high brightness, low temperature, instant start and almost no delay. Therefore, it is very important to choose the light source of the car. Good or bad is related to the accident.

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