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Is it Better to Choose LED Lamp or Xenon Lamp for Low Beam Lamp Modification?
2019-10-28 17:43:29

The demand for automobile lighting is getting higher and higher. Is it better to choose LED lamp or xenon lamp when refitting? Xenon lamp and LED headlamp are the most common lamps for lamp modification, but which one should be selected for low beam lamp modification? LED car headlights have outstanding advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, energy saving, high brightness, long life, good heat dissipation, small size, fast start-up speed, high safety and stability. At present, only Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, Ford and other famous luxury models will be equipped with LED car headlights. The xenon lamp has some serious defects, such as no spotlight, no correct high beam function, etc. xenon lamp is the most common refitted lamp. Its color temperature is similar to sunlight, and it contains more green and blue components, so it presents blue and white light. This blue and white light can greatly improve the brightness of road signs and signs, but it is also easy to cause driver dazzle and fatigue. And the brightness of low beam is not high, but the brightness of high beam is too high, the light produced is easy to make the opposite driver feel strong light dazzling, which may cause visual blind spots.

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