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How to Adjust the Headlight Brightness?
2019-10-28 17:34:03

It is also easy to cause traffic accidents at night, so the headlight should be inspected regularly and the brightness of the headlight should be adjusted. When the position of the light beam of the car lamp is not correct, choose a dark environment, underground parking lot or at night, face the car head to a wall, and the car head and the wall must be aligned, with a distance of five or six meters. Turn on the lamp, cover a lamp with a thick opaque cloth, and adjust a headlamp separately. In order to ensure that the light beam position is in the normal driving position, you can find a person to sit in the driver's seat. Make a mark on the center of the light range of the wall with a marker or chalk, and make a mark on the wall corresponding to the center of the car head, and adjust according to the mark.

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