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Comparison Between Laser Headlamp and LED Headlamp
2019-10-28 17:09:42

Take Audi laser headlamp as an example. The light source of laser headlamp is laser diode. Blue laser converts it into white light through scales, and irradiates it on a 3mm lens. The lens redirects the laser to the digital micromirror converter, which projects the laser to the road through hundreds of independent adjustable micromirrors inside. And each LED light-emitting element can be turned on, dimmed or off independently. If the number of light-emitting elements allows, matrix LED lamp can combine millions of lights. Compared with LED headlamp, laser headlamp has higher brightness, longer irradiation distance, smaller lamp volume, 30% lower energy consumption and longer service life; the disadvantage is high manufacturing cost. At the same time, they are all high-tech lighting products, which can save the electric energy of the vehicle and improve the illumination, which can greatly improve the driver's active safety when driving.

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